Unique Gift Ideas for Boys

17 Unique Gift Ideas for Boys- Awesome and Cool Gift Ideas!

If you are looking for the best unique gift ideas for boys, then you are in the right place. We know that you must be very confused in getting the best unique gift ideas for teen boys but let us tell you that you don’t have to worry anymore because we have the best ideas for you that will help you surprise your lad and will be the best present for him. Also, you don’t have to worry about the price or the accessibility of these toys as we have gathered this list with complete perfection and any unique gift for boys that you will find in this list is not at all stupid rather we have gathered some cool gifts for teenage boys and some mix of educational and exciting stuff for other lads. That is above and below the teenage. You can read the description of the gifts below and you can also tell your friends about the best gift ideas for boys!

The parrot mini Drone rolling spider!

You should know that the drones are the new trend of today and if you are listing out this amazing product, then you are seriously doing a lot of damage to the list of the top unique gift ideas for boys. The parrot mini drone rolling spider is one of the best gifts you can give to your lad. This mini drone is unlike any other drone available in the market! The drone has two large wheels which give it a very dashing and monstrous look and there are four powerful winders or propellers on it which helps it in flying at high attitudes! You can not only fly this drone but it can also roll, it can spin and it can also crawl up walls defying the rules of gravity.
There is a mini camera attached to the drone which you can use to track its route and there is a backup battery installed on the drone that helps in long term utilization. The drone can easily be connected to tablets and smart devices with the help of Bluetooth services! The price of the drone varies from manufacturer to manufacturer!

Steam educational robot!

If you are looking for unique gift ideas for boys for educational purposes then you are probably in the best place because this gift that we are going to tell you about is the best if you want to build your kids interest in robotics or engineering, well it’s a fact that robots are very much interesting part of today’s digital era and if you are looking for a mini robot then this steam educational robot is the best choice for you. You can easily make small coding with the help of this mini robot. It will cost you around 100 dollars!

Little patient!

The little patient, as the name will tell you, is one of the best educational and unique gift ideas for boys. You should know that with the help of this gift, your lad will easily be able to help himself build interest in biology and medical sciences. This gift consists of a dummy doll which is injured and with the dummy doll, so have all the organs and the dummy apparatus that will help them in learning! This gift will cost you around 50 to 55 dollars depending on the store you are getting it from!

The Dragon Zombie Shooting game!

Now, this is a gift for a child under ten years of age. Now, this gift includes a walking dummy zombie along with a removable hat on its head, the gun that you get with the toy will help you in shooting the dummy before it comes and eats your brain. You will have only have half a minute to destroy the dummy before it reaches you in full speed! This toy costs you around 21 dollars!

Acoustic Mini Guitar!

If you are looking for music-related unique ideas for boys, then you will love this gift for your lad. This mini acoustic guitar is an exact replica of a mini guitar that your boy can use to learn music or to simply develop his interest in music and get familiar with the tools! This guitar has three chords instead of six chords and this makes the learning process very fast! You can get this guitar for less than 80 dollars.

Harry potter trunk for Gryffindor!

If you are looking for unique gift ideas for boys having harry potter involved in them, then this is the best gift for your lad. If your boy is interested in the Harry Potter series and wants to live the life which once Harry lived, then you should probably get him this trunk. This trunk has all the eight books of the Harry Potter franchise plus it also has a pair of glasses and a robe that will help him become the new Harry. As it’s a customized gift, it is a little costly, and it can be purchased from online stores within 300 dollars!

Optical illusion science tools!

If you want your boy to develop an interest in physics and optics, then you must get this kit that comes for less than 20 dollars. You should know that this is a tool kit that consists of all important replications of original optical ware. You can get a colored sheet, some glasses, a prism and stuff like these. You can easily get your teenage boy this kit so that he can develop some liking and interest towards the optical illusions!

Mega Chess set!

Now, this is one of the best gift ideas for boys who are in their late teens. Now this is not the conventional chess board game rather as the name tells us, it is a huge board that you can set in your lawn and play it for real, this is a game that you can get around for two hundred dollars. The size of the board and the chess pieces is gigantic and you can replace the king with a two-year-old baby if you have too! This is truly a cool gift for teenage boys!

Table tennis board!

Now, this is yet another game that is one of the best unique gift ideas for boys and surely if you get it your son will like it, if you gift this to him in his early teens then you might probably even get him to pursue it as a professional sport! This gift set includes two paddles and two balls and it comes for around twenty dollars!

The stair slide!

Now, this is also one of the most exciting gifts you can give to you a young boy who is in his growing age. This gift will turn your home stairs into a slide form and your boy can easily enjoy himself sliding along the stairs all day!

Choose your own adventure!

If you are looking for gifts having adventure hunts then this gift is the best choice you could make, it is one of the cheapest and unique gift ideas for boys. If you want your boy to read about adventures and plan his own, then this is the best gift that you can get for him. It costs you around ten dollars!

Little boy’s speedster book!

Now, this is one of the most interesting unique gift ideas for boys, and this cool book will help your boy learn all about the driving and traffic rules and how he can simply experience the roads behind the wheels. It is a cool gift for a boy who is already in love with driving and cars from a very young age. This gift will cost you around 35 dollars!

GOTRAX GKS electric scooter!

Now, this is a very light weighted gift for your boy. If you want your chap to be sporty and enjoy outdoor activities, then you should probably get him this scooter. This will cost you around a hundred dollars but your kid can enjoy driving it in the neighborhood.

Wow, wee untamed dragon!

If your kid is interested in dragons and creatures of the sort, then you can surely not give him a dragon to pet but you can easily give him this gift so that he can tame his own dragon!

Flipbooks Kits!

Now the flipbook kit is yet another unique gift for boys and if your chap is interested in drawing and coloring then you should probably get him this gift, this will cost you around ten dollars!

Nintendo LABO!

The Nintendo gift is a kit that you can gift to your child, and this will help him build interest in construction and related stuff. This kit includes all the important house building tools and it also has dummy cars and motorbike that your boy can park in his garage!

Merge Cube!

The merge cube is also one of the most important gifts that you can give to your lad, this can easily be connected with a smartphone and can bring fun details about math and science to kids!