Unique birthday gifts for husband

15 Unique Birthday Gifts for Husband – The Best Birthday Gifts for Husband

Do you want to increase love in your relationship? Make your husbands birthday special with a party and an exciting present. Sometimes, choosing a gift may become frustrated. In this situation, you have to consider the liking and hobbies of your husband. Numerous gift options are available for your husband.

Feel free to choose between romantic and practical gifts. Romantic gifts may include roses, wine, and heartfelt letters. Video games and socks are some practical gifts. Are they struggling to find the best gift for your husband? Here are 15 best Birthday Gift Ideas for husband 2019.

Baseball Bat Bottle Opener: MLB Game

For sports lover husband, you can buy this baseball bat bottle opener. Wood features scuffs and scratches of bat riven ball impact. Shape, wear, markings and color vary based on the sourced bats. Its handmade and recycled nature makes it a unique item.

Each opener is available with a gift-box and one story card. The card comes with instructions for the particular hologram number. One bat yields almost 19 regular openers and a unique knob. The knob ships with frosted plexi bat and cherry wood rack. These hand-assembled bottle openers are available in different colors.

Areaware Star Sparkle Spatula

If your hubby likes cooking, it can be a unique birthday gift for husband or boyfriend. You can’t go wrong with food-related gift. Star-spangled is the most respected and oldest cutlery manufacturer. This hand-fabricated spatula is great for outdoor grilling. It will help your husband to create delicious foods.

Crafted of stainless steel and solid walnut, the spatula is made of top-quality materials. It is ideal for a backyard barbecue. Remember, this gift may last a lifetime. With this spatula, you both can enjoy outdoor grilling and barbecue events. Remember, barbecuing is a popular activity among men. It can be a fabulous gift for your man.

Truck Tents of Rightline Gear

If your husband loves adventure traveling, Rightline Gear offers truck tents. These tents can enhance your camping experience. With this truck tent, there is no need to worry about the fuss of outdoor adventures. Rightline Gear truck tent is made of water-resistant fabric.

After attaching this tent to a dry truck bed, you can keep yourself off the ground. The floorless design is easy to set up a tent without removing gears. It features two pockets, glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls, and a hook for lantern hanging, mesh-panel windows, and one sky-view vent.

Black Cufflinks by Frank Lloyd Wright

These cufflinks (cast zinc alloy with colored enamel) can be one of the best gift for your husband’s birthday. Your husband will love to wear this piece of history on his sleeves.

Use a soft cloth to wipe them gently. Your husband will like this unique gift as his birthday present. The cufflinks come from ACME Studio’s line of designer.

Custom Birthday Book: New York Times

Memorialize an exciting birthday with some front pages of the New York Times since their birthday. Get a personalized card with birth date and name. If you are looking for unique gifts for your husband, consider this custom birthday book.

It can be an excellent way to surprise your husband. Impress your lovely guy with this gift.

Urban Map Glass

Get ready to celebrate your favorite places with etched urban map glasses. It is time to take a mental stroll via familiar streets with a special rocks glass. These are etched with a distinct grid of your city.

With this glass, you will be able to raise a toast to great memories and hidden gems with designer details. The glasses feature an intricate map that beautifies the curves of a vessel. Glasses are crafted in Ohio and engraved in New Hampshire.

Hand-Painted Sushi Serving Ceramic Platter

Your husband will like this unique Sushi ceramic platter. You can use this to serve up chips, soy sauce, sushi, and dip. The beautiful hungry shark has sufficient place for a dipping sauce. His tail can hold serving utensils or chopsticks.

This hand-painted ceramic platter can be the best birthday gift for husband. Shark mouth can easily catch anyone’s attention. It is sufficient to serve 1 to 2 sushi rolls.

Wink Science Pepper and Salt Flask Shakers

If you need Birthday Gift Ideas for husband, you can gift this science flask to him. These flasks are great for pepper and salt. Each container has labels to identify them from pepper and salt. You will get rubber stoppers with these flasks. These shakers non-toxic, BPA-free, and FDA approved.

Flask shakers measure almost 4-inch tall and 2-inch wide at the base. These pepper and salt shakers can become the main attraction of a house party. It can be an excellent gift for every scientist in your life. A periodic symbol is enough to increase the appeal of these bottles.

Bubble Tea Kit- Make 30+ Drinks

For your health-conscious hubby, you will need this flavorful bubble tea kit. In terms of chewy treats, you will get tapioca, bubbles, and boba pearls. Rotund straws are required to sip bubble tea. Feel free to whip up a cold or hot batch.

Tea comes in 3 different flavors: Green Apple, Strawberry Cream and Watermelon. With this kit, you can brew an addictive delight at home.

Octopus Tentacles: Pint Glasses

For husband birthday gift ideas, you must not ignore pint glasses designed with octopus tentacles. These beer glasses come with an innovative illustration. It seems like octopus tentacles are crawling on this pint glass.

These hand-painted glasses are prepared in Colorado. The print will not wash off or fade because they use permanent ink and heat set in the oven. These glasses are safe for the dishwasher. There is no need to worry about health because the FDA approves this ink.

Baseball Coasters

Anyone who is a baseball lover will like this gift. Your husband can easily hit it out of the park. It is designed with sandstone and cork bottoms for baseball fans. The baseball coasters feature pitches, bat, diamond, and ball.

If your husband is a baseball player, it can be an ideal gift for him. A damp cloth is enough to wipe this ball clean. Megan Steffen has designed it in Chicago. These are slip-resistant, flexible, durable, and environmentally friendly.


For fun brewing, Beeropoly can be the best birthday gift for husbandYour husband will like this gift for parties. Beeropoly allows you to invite players to guzzle their part through different beer challenges. Almost six players can play this game at a time.

Challenges may vary from dance moves to rhyming. Players roll the dice and move the pieces of the bottle cap on a pine wood board. This handmade game can make him happy. You both can play this game with your friends to spend some quality time

My Life Story

With this journal, you can get prompts to record the experience of your life, hard-won wisdom and relationships. Feel free to create a keepsake of your relation and gift it to your husband. These memories can become a treasure for your life. It can be organized in nine different sections.

Each section has thought-provoking reminders to spark a personal memoir. Fill this journal with memories of friendships, meaningful stories, first date, pearls of golden thoughts, etc. It is an excellent way to cherish memories of your life. After creating this journal, it will be easy for you to pass on these memories to new generations.

Personalized Hot Sauce Kit

A DIY kit is available to make full-bodied hot sauce. With this kit, you can offer a kick from guajillo peppers and chipotle. It is an ideal way to surprise your husband with an additional kick. Produce a variety of sauces, such as chili spice, curry, ancho, and cayenne packs.

Complete instructions are available along with brown sugar, vinegar, and pepper. Six bottles and individual labels are available to present sauces. It can help you to make delicious sauces. Your hubby will like this delightful gift on his birthday.

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

For movie lovers, it is an impressive gift. It allows you to take a fun dive into movie magic. With this poster, you can display 100 iconic films. Memorize your favorite blockbusters and classic films. Enjoy popcorns while diving in the magic of movies.

Scratch off titles with a coin and reveal movie-related surprises underneath. It is an interactive method to spend significant time with your husband. It is designed in the United Kingdom. You have to protect this poster from moisture and direct sunlight. It is one of the best birthday gifts for husband online.