unique birthday gift ideas for girlfriend

18 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend – The Best Simple Gifts for Girlfriend

Do you want to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday? It is the right time to shower your love with a perfect gift. Shopping birthday gifts for girlfriend may be a stressful job. To get the best gift, consider her interests and specific needs. With a unique gift, you can make her feel special on her big day. For your help, here is a list of 18 unique birthday gift ideas for girlfriend. Feel free to choose one of them for your partner.

Lomography Diana Mini with Flash

Does your girlfriend like photography? Lomography Diana can be the best choice for her. The Diana features moody vignetting, analog surprises, and vivid colors. It allows you to get the advantage of show-stopping effects.

For infinite panoramas, it is possible to overlap your frames. Its electrifying creative features can surprise your girlfriend. Long exposures facilitate light painting or night-time photo-shoots. With 35 mm film, you can get 36 square frames for luscious lo-fi magic. It can be the perfect birthday gift for girlfriend.

Mesmerizing Wine Making Kit

If your girlfriend loves parties and occasional gathering, feel free to choose this wine making kit. With its glittery pink shade, it can mesmerize your girl. She will love to play with this DIY kit. The kit comes with complete instructions to craft your festive, fizzy drink at home.

With this kit, you can fill up almost five empty bottles of champagne for your parties. It will be a fun gift for rose-loving girlfriends. The kit includes grass fermentation jug, rose grape juice, racking cane, cleanser, airlock, corks, screw cap stopper, etc

Beautiful Smudge Kit

If you are looking for Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for girlfriend, there is nothing better than smudge kit. It helps you in smudging to drive away negativity. For spiritual and mental healing, smudge kit can be a unique gift. These items are in use for thousands of years.
The kit comes with a sage bundle, palo santo sticks, abalone shell, smudging feather, etc. Burning white sage and palo santo can help you fight depression. These things can increase creativity and protect you from negativity. Your girlfriend may like this sacred gift.

Weighted Sleep Mask

Deep relaxing sleep is necessary for everyone. If your girlfriend is worried about sleepless nights, you can choose this sleep mask for her. It can be one of the best girlfriend birthday gifts. Weighted cloth may calm you by relaxing your muscles and slowing your heart rate.
Through this mask, you can gift a deep, calm sleep to your girlfriend. It can be an ideal choice for frequent nappers. She will like your gift and feel your love behind this gift.

Pendleton Chimayo Cotton Blanket

Pendleton is famous for its unique design and quality. If you are looking for a beautiful gift for your lovely lady, buy a Pendleton Chimayo cotton blanket. These blankets are available in cotton, silk, and wool.

Traditional and geometric patterns and plaids make them a unique gift for girlfriend. With their comfort, colors, and design, it can be an excellent addition to any room. Your girlfriend will like the coziness and comfort of these blankets.

Solar Lantern

Looking for unique Birthday Gift Ideas for girlfriendTry pearl teardrop solar lantern for your lady. In the night, the sophisticated pattern of lights shines from this beautiful lantern. The lace-like surface is weather-resistant and ultra-strong.

The LED bulb gets power from the sun through a solar panel. You can hang this lantern with a stainless steel handle. The integrated light sensor turns the lantern on in the evening. Feel free to buy it for the back patio, front area, or garden.

Water Garden: Back to the Roots

If your girlfriend loves greenery, she will like this water garden. The mini aquaponic tank features a closed-loop ecosystem. In the presence of betta fish, there is no need to worry about fertilizes. The plant can clean and filter water for your fish.

It is an excellent combination of fish farming, hydroponics, and aquaculture. The kit comes with organic wheatgrass, fish tank, seeds of radish sprout, fish food, betta fish coupon, natural fertilizer, water pump, and every necessary thing.

Ceiling Necklace with Shattered Glass

To pay tribute to women empowerment, choose this necklace as a unique gift for your girlfriend. The cracked glass is a focal point of this necklace. This beautiful necklace is finished with a chain and satin sterling setting. Your girl will like this necklace.

23andMe DNA Test Kit

Do you want to give her something different? 23andMe DNA test kit can be the right choice. With this kit, you can collect DNA at home and sent it off to get results. It helps you to find out about genetic traits, ancestry, and many other things.

She will receive online reports and access extra features through a password-protected account. Before using this kit, register it at 23andme.com.

Vertical Microgreen Garden

It is time to give an eco-friendly gift to your girlfriend. It is one of the best Birthday Gift ideas for girlfriend 2019. This vertical garden is suitable to fit in small spaces. Broccoli seeds are included to sprinkle on the pads. Put the pads in a frame and fill this frame base with water.

With a natural process, you can grow vegetables. Feel free to buy it for a window-challenged, tiniest apartment. Its space-saving design helps you to grow a small garden.

Infinity Scarf: Convertible Travel Pillow

Gift a stylish, warm, and soft infinity scarf to your girlfriend. It can make her comfortable during travel. With a sleek exterior, it can hide secret weapons. A zippered, U-shaped pocket around your neck can hold an inflatable pillow.

This compact and lightweight pillow is easy to carry. It is convenient to unzip this pillow and take a nap. The warm, soft scarf can be ideal protection against chilly in-flight air.

Gym Bag to Stay Fit

Do you want to gift a beautiful gym bag for your girlfriend? If your girlfriend is a fitness freak, you can buy this gym bag. It has sufficient space to carry out gym clothes and other equipment.

Inspired by disco balls, fizzy cocktails, and confetti canon, it can be an excellent choice for your stylish girlfriend. It has two exterior pockets for extra storage space.

Cozy Gift Basket

Stylish, handwoven gift baskets can be one of the unique gifts girlfriendThe palm leaf basket can be filled with everything that you need to unwind and relax. Feel free to give a touch of cultural influence to this basket.

The box includes divide cocoa powder, cotton scarf (handwoven) from Thailand, ceramic mugs of Tunisia, and palm leaf hamper.

Spa Blanket

You can provide comfort to your girlfriend with an aromatherapy blanket. It is suitable to get support for tummy troubles and backaches. The dotted, softcover features a detachable insert. This insert is filled with lavender blossoms and flax seeds.

Put it in the freezer or microwave to spread it on a targeted spot and get relief. The lavender can soothe jangled nerves and temperature, and weight of flaxseed can heal strained muscles.

Lavender and Jasmine Scented Home Spa Relaxation Kit

This luxurious kit can be the best birthday gift for girlfriend. Your lady will like this botanical spa experience. With this calming set, you can enjoy a spa-day experience at home. The bath tea is perfect for soothing sore muscles.

The relaxation set is large enough for numerous uses. With soy wax candle and top-quality essential oils, it can calm your nerves. The salt and petal of an herbal soak can transform water into a mineral-rich, detoxifying liquid.

Kombucha Brewing Kit

Surprise your girlfriend with fermented, health-boosting tea. The kit has everything necessary for brewing your Kombucha. For your guidance, the kit has a detailed manual. With pH strips, it is possible to measure the acidic side of your drink.

Kombucha is right for your overall health. With this kit, you can prepare your version of autoxidizing beverages.

Shower Kit for Aromatherapy

Looking for the best girlfriend birthday gift ideas? You can impress your girlfriend with this shower kit. It features different blends of essential oils. With this kit, she can enjoy aromatherapy in her bathroom.

Three aromatherapy blends come with a starter kit. All fusions are free from additives and chemicals. Pods are adjustable with every style of the showerhead. It can keep you healthy and relaxed.

Neck Sofa Pillow

Neck sofa pillows are necessary for everyone. For this reason, you can’t go wrong with these pillows. Your girlfriend will like its comfort while traveling or working in an office. It can lessen her fatigue and encourage a perfect posture.

Feel free to use it as a pillow at night to manage your neck and head at a breathing angle. It is easy to clean because of a washable and removable velour pillowcase. Your girl will like the design and comfort of this pillow.