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16 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend – The Best Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

If you want to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday and make this special day even more special to him, then you really need to have creative ideas for this. You can buy a unique birthday gift for your boyfriend that you feel would be the best to make him smile. Well, the first part is to select the theme by keeping in mind his likes and dislikes and then start searching for ideas to make it happen. You can obviously ask your friends about it, but the internet is another excellent option that comes with the sheer volume of creative gift ideas for this. So, you must look into this option as well.

We are here with some fantastic birthday gift ideas you can choose from for your boyfriend that he would probably never have heard about. All you are supposed to do is to go through each one in detail, and then select the appropriate one. You have to keep in mind your chosen theme and the budget that you can spend to present your boyfriend with a unique birthday gift.

Segway One S1

To buy a birthday gift for boyfriend online, the Segway One S1 is the best option ever. You can find this product on Amazon very quickly and in a very reasonable price range. You can genuinely surprise him with this gift because it is something that generally people do not give on birthdays. So, this unique idea is going to work wonders for the birthday bash.
The Segway One S1 comes with amazing features that will make it fun to use. It has very long term battery timings, at least 12 miles per hour. So, keeping in mind even this one single feature you shouldn’t lose the chance to get it for him.

Bike Chain Bowl

If you are looking for gift ideas for your boyfriends birthday, then you are in the right place. Well, for this particular idea, you have to confirm that if your boyfriend is fond of cycling or not. If he is, then you should buy this gift for him at any cost. He can keep his cycle keys and even other small accessories or change in it.

Apart from its utility for your boyfriend, it will look very cool and stylish at the same time. It comes in less than 100 dollars, and look great if you put it on the entrance table where he has to keep his keys and other small things.

Personalized Gold LP Record

You can buy gifts for your boyfriends birthday that make him happy and shocked while receiving it but make him feel extremely special as well. You can gift him the personalized gold LP record that he can easily hand on the wall of his room. This will be a special gift for him as he is unique to you.

You can do a lot with this gift by customizing it according to your requirements. You can put a date on it, add details of a special event, and add songs that are his personal favorites. You can also add the favorite shared songs between you two to make him remind of you whenever he will look at it.

Portable Camp Grill and Charger

Another birthday gift ideas for boyfriend is to buy the portable camp grill and charger. Well, it is an adorable and reasonable gift that you can give him on his special day. It is nothing but a simple furnace that does not produce any smoke. It will allow him to cook and boil food for himself when alone. Also, it has a port that will enable him to charge any device he wants.

It is a very cool and useful gift. You can get it in around 200 dollars, and enjoy your coffee even if you do not have a stove and when you are anywhere out from home. This is very handy and light in weight.

 Invoxia Smart Portable Speaker

This smart and portable speaker is undoubtedly going to make your boyfriend happy. It has a unique vintage design that makes it instantly attractive to anyone. While choosing the gifts for boyfriend birthday, you must keep this one in mind. It has so many features like internet connection, hands-free speakerphone and portable speaker. You can even stick it to the fridge with the magnet at its back.

Baseball Stadium Blueprints

Do you want to buy a unique birthday gift for your boyfriend, then we are here with the best possible option for you. Well, for this he needs to be a genuine baseball fan or maybe a player. You can buy your man the blueprint of his favorite baseball stadium, and you never know how much he is going to like it. So, keep this one in your options while choosing the gift.

PancakeBot PNKB01RD Pancake Bot

PancakeBot PNKB01RD pancake bot is another great gift that you can buy for your boyfriend. Unusually, such type of bonus is shared with the boyfriend, but it will surely worth buying and giving it to your boyfriend if he is fond of things like this. Also, it comes in a very reasonable range of price. So, without thinking of the second time, you should buy it.

Hot Sauce Making Kit

Well, if your boyfriend is fond of food and cooking, then keeping the hot sauce kit among birthday gift ideas for boyfriend, you can make him extremely happy. The advantage of this is that he will be able to make is own sauce for food dressing and mixing that will give an extra kick to his food. He is undoubtedly going to love it.

New York Times Custom Baseball Book

This is the best birthday gift for boyfriend who loves baseball. He can commutate the best moments of his favorite match and keep them with him for a lifetime. This reprinted version of New York Times coverage of his favorite game will amaze him on his birthday.

Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Apart from so many other things that you can customize for your boyfriend, this one is unique and unusual. If your boyfriend is fond of drinking whiskey, then this might be the right birthday gift choice for him. All you have to do is to keep your that you have to make it according to the brand he likes. It is not more than 100 dollars in price, but look a unique choice for the birthday of your boyfriend.

100 Books Scratch Off Poster

While buying the gifts for boyfriend’s birthday, you must keep in mind the interests of him in things you are buying for him. If you think that he likes books and reading, then the books scratch-off posters is an adorable and elegant gift for him. You can buy it in a minimal amount of money and make him happy. He will be attracted to it by finding it among all the gifts.

Molecular Gastronomy Kit – Cuisine

You can do get the experience of gastronomy at your home by having this kit. Well, you can also get one for your boyfriend. It is fantastic lit that will help him understand that comprehensive experience of gastronomy right in his home. This is going to be his top favorite among all the things you will do for him on his birthday, especially if he is conscious about his health.

GO PUCK 5X Portable Battery Charger with Dual USB Ports for GoPro Hero

One of the most unique birthday gift ideas you can give your  boyfriend or anyone. It is an extremely durable, versatile, has high capacity and speed, and overall come with a guarantee of high efficiency for a lifetime. 

Beer Making Kit with Copper Mule Mugs

This is an incredible and best birthday gift for boyfriend because it is beneficial for him in continuing his healthy diet and drinks. You gift him for the birthday, so he will be using it for sure for the rest of his life as long as it is with him. So, surprise him by buying this gift for him.

West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit

The west coast style IPA beer brewing kit is another excellent kit that you can gift your boyfriend on his birthday. He will be pleased to have it from you, and will surely use it with great care for the rest of the time.