Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

20 Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Girlfriend – Best Anniversary Gifts

Remembering the anniversary date is no longer a big deal. All one needs is to set a reminder with Siri or Google New. God bless technology!
But technology cannot buy a gift for your girlfriend (a few years from now, even that would be possible).
Especially when it comes to unique anniversary gift for your girlfriend. No wonder people start googling “romantic anniversary gift for girlfriend”, “best anniversary gift for girlfriend” or something similar when anniversary is just around the corner.
To spare you the effort (and possibly stress) of coming up with unique anniversary gift ideas for your girlfriend, I have put together this list of twenty gifts that would leave your girlfriend in awe!

Anniversary gift idea 1: Sapphire necklace with diamonds

If you want to blow your girlfriend’s mind with something gorgeous and spectacular, a sapphire necklace with diamonds be the best candidate!
It’s not just sapphire and diamonds! The chain itself is 18K gold. The most beautiful thing about this necklace is it is fully handcrafted. Since it is not mass-produced, your girlfriend would appreciate your love much more and find this gift a lot more intimate and sincere!

Anniversary gift idea 2: Wooden chopsticks with cute Panda holders

May be your girlfriend already has a sapphire necklace. Or she appreciates cute and simple gifts more than lavish ones.
In that case, these wooden chopsticks would definitely put a smile on your girlfriend’s face! Wondering why? Lemme tell you!
First, these come with cute panda holders. These holders are what set these chopsticks apart! These adorable fellows are the sole reason many people have ordered these. These cute little fellas make quite a sight when carrying the chopsticks!
Second, these are made of natural chestnut wood and are reusable. As these are not industrially produced, their carbon footprint is minimal. If you and your girlfriend are conscious about the environment, then these are items that deserve to be in your shelf!
Third, the elegant carving at the top of the chopsticks. These give them an elegant look that would surely reflect your sophisticated side!

Anniversary gift idea 3: Polish hand-made heart-shaped box with flower paintings

Imagine your girlfriend unwrapping the gift only to reveal this Polish heart-shaped box. How do you think she would feel?
If you are wondering if this hand-made box with Aztec flower paintings would make your girlfriend happy, let me reassure you.
This box is hand-made in Poland. That makes it exotic! Besides, it is heart-shaped and has tribal flower paintings. That adds to its charm and makes it suitable for jewelry. This would definitely look good on her dressing table!

Anniversary gift idea 4: Fruit wine making kit

May be you are one of those couples that prefer brewing their own wine at home.
Or you are probably looking for something you guys can do together.
In either case, this fruit-wine making kit would surely make a great anniversary gift for your girlfriend. And you do not have to worry about buying additional accessories to brew wine. This kit comes with a gallon, a hydrometer, a distilling funnel and even yeast!
Wine brewing is a fun and productive activity as you would be able to enjoy the brew yourself and treat your family and friends to homemade drinks.
As the old saying goes, couples who do stuff together live together.

Anniversary gift idea 5: DIY Macramé wall-hanging kit

Women used to find knitting very lovely. Many probably still do.
But in this era, women find macramé a lot more interesting.
If your girlfriend is one of them, then this DIY wall-hanging macramé kit would be a wonderful and useful gift for her.

A macramé manages to add bohemian aura to a living space. It would also make a great hobby for your girlfriend.
A gift that livens up your house and makes your loved one happy is a gift that you both would appreciate!

Anniversary gift idea 6: Open-heart pendant silver necklace

Pretty. Delicate. And “looks like it’s from Tiffany’s”. These are what women voiced about this open-heart pendant silver necklace!
On your anniversary, you do not have to get your girlfriend something extravagant. Women appreciate the feeling or connotation that a gift gives them more than the gift itself.
Which is why this open-heart pendant silver necklace would make a genuinely thoughtful gift. It looks expensive, sophisticated and exudes romance! A lovely recipe to make a woman feel beautiful!

Anniversary gift idea 7: Dual silver-chain necklace with heart-shaped zirconia pendant

May be it’s your first anniversary. Or it’s the seventh. Whatever the number of months or years you two have spent together, a gift that signifies togetherness is always appreciated.
This dual chain silver necklace with heart-shaped zirconia pendants has been designed based on that concept. When your girlfriend unwraps the gift, the navy blue jewelry box itself would mesmerize her. And when she opens it to find this necklace, she would have no choice but to fall in love with it. At that point, tell her how much you adore her! Couldn’t be better moment for it!

Anniversary gift idea 8: Personal alarm for safety and security

Imagine your girlfriend walking home alone. And a stranger approaches her with ungentlemanly intentions. Since you are not with her, you can do nothing for her.
This 130 dB sound emitting portable alarm would be extremely useful in these situations. It can be attached to anything including purse, jacket zipper and backpack. The sound is loud enough to alert people around. And if pointed towards the assailant in close range, it would cause ear and head ache driving him/her away. On your anniversary, this alarm would not only ensure your girlfriend’s safety but tell her how much you care about her!

Anniversary gift idea 9: Japanese snack assortment box

When I stay up all night for an exam or job assignment, I crave a variety of snacks. If that sounds like your girlfriend or if she is too busy to cook up snacks, then this box of Japanese snacks would definitely jumping around the house in excitement!
It comes with 15 types of snacks including salted pistachio, candies, cookies and many more! Such a wide variety of choices would delight anyone of any age! I recommend you surprise your girlfriend by leaving this great gift item in the mail! Would definitely make her day!

Anniversary gift idea 10: Yoga mat with 70 different poses printed

When you proposed yoga to your girlfriend, she probably told you about various expenses that come with it. For instance, the yoga clothes, mat, fee for the instructor or the online course for a personalized experience.
What if your girlfriend had a yoga mat with 70 different poses printed on it? It would not require her to use her phone for any tutorial video. It would not require a trainer’s fee. It would probably be the healthiest anniversary gift you could ever get her. My suggestion is you throw in a pair of yoga pants with the mat as well! She would love to tell her friends how caring you are!

Anniversary gift idea 11: Module to convert a TV into wall art

You know what Thomas Merton said about art?
Well the quote goes like this, “art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”
In case you are wondering how you can afford expensive paintings as anniversary gift for your girlfriend or a trip to Italy, then stop worrying!
This digital module can project 500 of the most iconic paintings on your TV, desktop or any device with a screen.
Imagine your girlfriend enjoying a good book or a great meal with 500 of the most famous paintings sliding away on the TV. The immense joy she would get must be priceless wouldn’t it? Your place in her heart would get bigger because of such a sophisticated gift!

Anniversary gift idea 12: Potted paper desk rose

Roses has always symbolized love and romance over centuries. So it is natural if you are thinking about getting your girlfriend a bunch of roses as anniversary gift!
But those roses would eventually die. And to be very honest, many of her friends would probably get roses from their boyfriends, husbands or partners as well.
This potted paper desk rose comes to your rescue! It is unique, death-proof and helps express your sense of humor! this seven inch cute gift would definitely bring out the little girl in her!

Anniversary gift idea 13: Digital polaroid camera

Who doesn’t remember polaroid cameras! Even though digital cameras have taken over the world leading the way to smart phones, polaroid cameras would always have a special place in our hearts.
Which is why a digital polaroid camera would be a delightful anniversary for your girlfriend!
Yes you heard me correct! A digital polaroid camera! Best of both worlds if you ask me! Your girlfriend would be able to take pictures in them, print them instantly and share those pictures on her social media. Be aware though! It might get her all nostalgic!

Anniversary gift idea 14: Italy by Gray Malin

You haven’t been able to take time off work for that trip to Italy that you promised your girlfriend. And it is understandable! Life keeps getting busier.
But that’s not excuse to deprive your girlfriend of the wonders that Italy has to offer. Thus it would be a great idea to get her Italy by Gray Malin !
The moment she unwraps the present and opesn this book, she would be bewildered by the breathtaking photo of Italian coastlines! Make sure you get her reaction on video! She would love to watch it when you take her on that trip!

Anniversary gift idea 15: White Patchouli Eau De Parfum by Tom Ford

What woman doesn’t appreciate a perfume! And if it is from Tom Ford, then her joy would surge towards the moon!
White Patchouli by Tom Ford thus makes a great anniversary gift for your girlfriend! Its fragrance is distinctive but not overpowering. It smells of sophistication and elegance which she would love to wear at work and parties! As a boyfriend, your choice of anniversary gift would get you more love and appreciation!

Anniversary gift idea 16: SAMSUNG Galaxy wireless ear buds

You know how irritating the knots in the earphone wire can be. I bet your girlfriend feels the same way.
That is why the wireless ear buds from SAMSUNG would be a sensible anniversary gift for her! These would provide seamless music experience for up to seven hours. And the case these come with acts as a wireless charger for these cool looking ear buds. So your girlfriend would not have to worry about it running out of juice! If you are looking for a thoughtful anniversary gift, you should give it stronger consideration!

 Anniversary gift idea 17: Scented candle in glass

Creating a romantic ambience doesn’t always require a lot of money. It can be brought about by very simple things.
One such item is a scented candle. Candles have always enjoyed a romantic connotation. For that reason, it would make an elegant anniversary gift for your girlfriend. It is scented with rose and black currant leaves. The fusion would elicit romance between you two which you deserve on your anniversary!

Anniversary gift idea 18: Low maintenance Benjamina Ficus tree

Did you know that Ferrari always puts plants in their factories? Studies have found that trees in workplaces helps maintain a stress-free and harmonious environment in any place.
Which is why you should consider getting your girlfriend a Benjamina Ficus tree on your anniversary!
It is just 2-3 feet and low maintenance. Thus your girlfriend would not need to worry about it much and enjoy the calmness this plant would bring about in the living space!

Anniversary gift idea 19: 4 piece French stoneware set

May be your girlfriend is moving into your place. Or you guys are getting a place of your own. Or maybe she is just too busy to buy a large collections of utensils.
Whatever the case, this 4 piece French stoneware would be huge help in cooking enough for you two lovebirds or reheat leftovers. These would slip easily into a freezer, microwave, large toaster oven or the dishwasher. Besides these are shaped so that you can easily wrap them with a wrapper. The red color just adds to its charm and cuteness.
You want to get your girlfriend something useful on your anniversary? Then do give this item some thought.

Anniversary gift idea 20: Recipe book

So you have been inspired by the quote, “couple who cook together live together”. Or you have seen your girlfriend seeing lots of cooking videos on YouTube lately. Then get her this recipe book called “Magnolia Table: A collection of recipes” by Joanna Gaines and Marah Stets.
They are distinguished cooks who have their own restaurants named “Magnolia Table” (you may have guessed it right?).
This book contains 150 classic American recipes for all three meals as well as dishes for gatherings.
Such a book would tell your girlfriend that you pay attention to her likes and dislikes. It may just be the inspiration she needs to try those recipes she has bookmarked!

Just so you know, there are millions of anniversary gift ideas out there. But I know you do not have the time to browse through them all. Which is why I put together this list. Hope you find one here that would make your girlfriend have another crush on you!