anniversary gift ideas for boyfriend

15 Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Boyfriend – Best Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

It was the first anniversary of Ashley’s relationship with her boyfriend! She was beyond excited about the gift he was going to get her!

Since the road goes both ways, she spent an entire night browsing for unique anniversary gift for boyfriend of hers in Amazon and hundreds of other online outlets!

She was expecting a romantic dinner or a sweet jacket from her favorite outlet. Very natural of any woman.

What her boyfriend got her was a paper-wrapped item. She had no idea what it was but it was not anywhere near what she was anticipating. Her heart sank to the bottom of the Pacific!

When unwrapped, she found a paper inside. It had the name of a star named after the maiden name of her mother! She was speechless! Her mom died when she was a teenager and this was very personal and meaningful for her!

Since then, the night sky had a whole new meaning for her. It felt like her mom was actually up there looking at her!

When it’s one’s turn to come up with unique anniversary gift ideas for boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s not always possible to go the same length as Ashley’s boyfriend. And that’s OK.

There are other memorable gift items that can convey your love for that special person. I have taken the pleasure of shortlisting fifteen best anniversary gift ideas for boyfriend below. I am sure you would find one your partner would love!

Pack of 100 conversation starter cards

In this era of Netfilx and chill, we are developing the tendency of avoiding hangouts because we want to catch the next episode of the Witcher (I love Henry Cavil by the way). It has reached that point where we crave sweet, fun and romantic conversations with our loved ones but hate small talk. Or worse, we desperately look for starters and our brains decide to take a vacation at that exact moment (speaking from experience). If you know what this feels like, then this pack of 100 cards containing thought-provoking convo starters from OUR MOMENTS is what you need! Whether you are on a long-drive, vacationing or just chilling in the afternoon, these cards would surely strike up a conversation! Who knows, you might end up knowing something about your loved one you never knew before!

Love notes memory jar

A conversation is something that needs both you and your loved one’s dedicated attention. But what if one of you is busy? During such times, you would definitely want him/her to remember a sweet memory you two shared. Top Shelf love notes memory jar is exactly that! It constitutes a jar with a decorated lid and comes with a pen and paper. Whenever you or your significant other say or do something that is worth remembering, just write it down and put it in the jar! Few years down the line, you two might end up taking that wonderful trip down memory lane that we all need from time to time!

Moonlight lamp

For a moment, forget all about writing down memories and conversation starters. Imagine snuggling and cuddling with your lover in the moonlight. Or just lay there with each other’s hands locked and bathe in the warm soft light. If you are thinking “oh God! I have to go to a field or the roof for that”, then rest assured! With the ambient moonlight lamp from Mamre, you can bring about such ambience right in your living room or bed room! Since it comes with stickers with “We still do”, “Mr. and Mrs.” And “Love never dies”, it would make a heart-warming gift for the special person in your life!

Couple’s journal

Photographs make great travel agents when it comes to taking trips down memory lanes! But text can be equally great if not more. The fact that people cherish love letters and store them even after decades is proof of that. Even though we don’t write love letters anymore (I would love to get one), a joint journal does sound endearing to many! Imagine you and your significant other writing in one journal, putting down your most intimate thoughts. That was the idea behind the question answer based 3 year journal for couples. In this, you would be able to write questions for each other and have fun answering them. Over the years, you can revisit them and see how the answers have transformed. On another note, if you want to be remembered for great taste in presents, gift this to a couple. They would love you forever!

Sound-masking sleepbuds

Let’s get practical for a moment. No matter how immensely you are in love with your partner, you may still be facing the issue of snoring. Or someone you care about is having trouble sleeping because of this issue. In either case, the sound-masking sleep-buds from Bose offers you the relief you have been yearning for so long! As you are well aware, sleep rejuvenates your body and mind. One guy from Louisiana tried to stay awake for 3 days in a row. Due to sleep depravity, he lost his memories. Fortunately he regained it after a 12 hour long sleep. That should clarify the importance of sound sleep. With a relaxed mind, you would be in the mood to appreciate your loved one better! If you know someone who is facing these issues, just get them a pair of these. You never know how big a help you might be!

A pair of running shoes from Nike

A gift for your significant other doesn’t always have to oozing with romance! It can be something useful. Or something that would encourage him/her to take step towards a healthier life. Confused? Lemme explain. Suppose your love is into running. It keeps him/her fit which makes him/her sexier in your eyes! So if you gift him/her a pair of running shoes from Nike, it would be enormously appreciated! The scenario may be the exact opposite as well! You want the person who gives you those mushy, warm butterflies to start jogging to lower the chance of cardiovascular conditions. This sick pair of running shoes may just be the thing that can motivate him/her to get fitter!

High definition digital camera from Fujifilm

You love professional looking photographs. There is no shame in that. Who doesn’t these days! A camera can trigger fun ideas into your head that can get you and your soul-mate closer. For instance, you want take pictures of you poking your partner when he/she is sleeping. Or you want to bunch of photos of each other tugging at each other’s hair to make your album diverse (I can be very creative sometimes). I have another good one. You want to make 4k quality videos of yourself unwrapping surprise gifts. For these scenarios, the 15-45 mm lens digital camera from Fujifilm might be just what you have in mind. If the person who has your heart is into photography, well then it would make him/her several notches happier!

Vintage looking high-quality headphones with dual audio jack

Recently I bought a digital camera (the one I mentioned above) and a pair of headphones. The headphones were from Master & Dynamic. I got those for my nephew so that he could record his reaction videos with better audio for YouTube channel. That’s when it occurred to me. The love of my life enjoys music a lot and he could really use a pair noise cancelling headphones in his leisure time! Since these come with leather exterior, these make quite a collectible as well as a great gift. If you are wondering what you can get your partner, do give these crisp audio delivery headphones some thought! Oh one thing. These come with a dual audio port. Meaning you guys can enjoy your favorite music together!

Kombucha brewing kit

Enough with gadgets and romance-intensive gifts. Let’s talk about drinks. Speaking of which, have you heard of Kombucha tea? I recently came across a study claiming it to be a rich source of anti-oxidants and probiotics. Both of these been observed to be helpful in fighting cancer. Thus you can benefit from a Kombucha brewing kit in two ways. The first benefit is, it would give your lover or partner a great opportunity to contribute to healthy eating (a trend that is picking up these days). Second benefit is, brewing can be a fun hobby and a refreshing break from an automated life that is getting many of us lazier! And last but not the least, this brewing kit comes with all necessary components saving you the time and money to separately shop for these!

Echo-dot 3rd gen smart speaker

For a moment, imagine you can bring the Hogwarts feel into every room of your house. You and your darling probably have watched reruns of Harry Potter a zillion times. Wouldn’t it then be awesome to just speak and have things done for you? That is exactly what Echo Dot, the 3rd gen smart speaker with Alexa can provide you! It is tiny yet powerful when comes to obeying your command! From streaming your chosen music from Apple music, Amazon music and Spotify to adjusting your thermostat, very little is beyond the scope of this electronic house elf i.e. smart speaker! When your lover gets this as a gift on any special occasion or as part of the celebration of an achievement, I bet he/she would spend half the day just playing with various commands! Harry Potter fan or not, such time-saving and fun automation is something anyone would crave!

Hot-sauce prep kit

Having gadgets at your command is not enough to create a well-rounded homely, loving atmosphere. Spicy food items is an essential as well so that you and your better half can enjoy delicious dinner wherever you are. And if you two love preparing dishes from exotic recipes, then the deluxe hot sauce kit may be a great addition to take things to another level in the kitchen area! It comes with detailed recipes and farm grown, GMO free peppers. With this kit and the recipes, you can prepare up to 5X level hot sauces which would arouse your taste buds. If you are looking for a gourmet DIY gift kit for the stealer of your heart, then do consider this sauce making kit! As they say, a couple who cooks together, lives together!

Alcohol brewing kit

Even in this era of smart speakers and household robots that can mow our lawns and mop our houses, there are some people who still love to use their hands to make stuff. Instead of raving on Twitter or swipe through zillions of stories on Instagram and Snapchat, they would rather make something with their very own hands! If this sort of noble trait is in your lover, then get him/her this brewing kit. It would not only keep his/her hands busy but also make a drink you both can enjoy! The drinks that your significant other makes with this kit would not be just any drink you buy from the general store! This is something that would result from the manual labor of your loved one. He/she gets to have a productive output from his hobby and make himself/herself a lot more attractive to you! It’s a win-win for both of you isn’t it!

Decanter aerator

So it’s a luxury gift you have for your sweetheart! It has to be stylish and must be synonymous with charm and class! If that is so, do have a look at this simple yet gorgeous decanter! Whether it is a dinner party you are hosting or trying out a new drink in a private dinner for just the two of you, this piece of art would most definitely add to the aura of the candle-lit atmosphere! Besides, because of this stylish shape, it would look beautiful on your wine rack. One more think. I have seen the box it comes in. So if you decide to gift this to your sweet man/lady, it would only speak of your elegance and sophistication!

Bluetooth suitcase turntable

Remember the turntable gramophone from 1960s movies? I know it is outdated but I just can’t resist that old-school feel in my living room! It adds charm to my private space and speaks of classic taste! Besides, it’s fun showing it off to my family and friends not to mention enjoy some good old classics in the afternoon with my lover as we enjoy coffee! if your significant other has a thing for stylish and classy items, then you can gift him/her this vintage Bluetooth turntable with no worries. It would sync perfectly with his/her taste and lead to perfect afternoons!

Scrapbook photo album for couples and family

We all remember scrapbooks right! A scrapbook is where you poured our most intimate of thoughts. Now imagine if you could have a scrapbook for you and your sweetie pie! Or your family. Both of you would put pictures there and put down your feelings about those. Some of those lazy Sundays would be a lot sweeter and fun when you two would browse through it. For some couples, it has made them pay more attention to their shared moments and remember details about those moments in the past they thought they forgot! You want to give your darling something you both would cherish, get him/her one of these! It may be that spark you both are yearning for!

You want your special person to smile every time he looks at the gift you got him!

And why wouldn’t you! After all, this person occupies a special spot in your heart! Any gift you get him should remind him of that!

If you have something other than the fifteen I have discussed above, go for it. I just wanted to save you the time and energy to browse through millions of gift ideas and avoid the possibility of being all confused.

So check them out and see if any of the above seems like the perfect gift for your boyfriend. Remember. It’s not the price but the experience that your gift would deliver that matters!

May you two stay together through thick and thin!