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10 Lovely And Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Nothing can be compared to the joy you get in giving someone a gift of excellence that expresses value in the best way possible. A gift well presented does not only make you feel fulfilled, but also make the receiver feel loved and special.

Are you looking for a way to surprise either your friend or a family by presenting them with gifts? What you need is lovely and unique gift wrapping ideas that will make them feel special before even trying to unwrap the gift to know what you got for them.

Wrapping a gift might be worrisome, most especially if you are finding it quite challenging to think of something very appealing and at the same time very sensational. Figuring out cool gift wrapping ideas is not as difficult as it seems it requires less time, skill, and money. To help you out this, we prepared a concise list of some DIY gift wrapping ideas and the techniques you will use to wrap the gifts.

Here are some unique gift wrapping ideas that you can use to design your gifts.


The Tea Towel Wrap Design

Tea Towels Gift Wrapping

This particular wrapping design works best for gifts are in the form of a wine bottle, balsamic vinegar, or even olive oil. By using a tea towel, you will be re-branding the gift entirely and making it a perfect gift for anyone.


Use Christmas Light

Wrapping a gift is more than just trying to make the gift look appealing; rather, it is an outward expression of affection and love. Those Christmas lights you have handing on your roof can help create unique gift wrapping ideas that can make your gift look precisely this way.

All you have to do is cut brown paper bags and paint a picture of Christmas lights on it, using a perfect blend of bright colors.


3D Wrapping

If you want to share gifts with your kids, nephews, nieces, or even your grandchildren, you need gift wrap that is appealing to the eye. In this context, you can try making your 3D wrap. There are several DIY gift wrapping ideas related to this, but the easiest of them all is glowing a picture of toys or crayons on the wrap. Just by doing this, you will have your 3D wrap for your kids.


Ribbon & Holly

Thinking of a perfect wrapping idea for baked goods during this Christmas? Try designing simple Kraft boxes with a twinge and striped ribbons before using it to wrap up your baked treats for your friends. This simple wrapping idea will give your gift a merry look that will entice those you are giving it to.


A Washi Tape Weave Wrap

Apart from just home decor, washi tapes can be put into good use if you want to wrap up your gifts. To make use of this, all you have to do is weave the tape in an alternate pattern, horizontally and vertically. With this, you will be adding value to your gift and make it look better.


Fiesta Wrap

Another cool gift wrapping idea that will blow the mind of your friend is designing the gift with a fiesta wrap. This wrapping idea is the best available option if the gift is meant to be a party gift. In this case, all you have to do is sprinkle colorful dots on the wrapping paper and fix a ribbon at the top of the gift using a glue.


Snow Globe Holders

If you want to deliver your gift card in a stylish manner, then you need to consider designing your wrap with a snow globe holders. To create a snow globe, all you need is a used jar or a pickle container. After thorough washing, tuck the gift inside the jar and fill it up with water and glitter.


Origami Bows

This is a special type of design that adds fun to gift wrapping. To create an origami bow, fold an origami bow into different patterns until you create a bow. After that, glue the bow on the wrap and stick colorful papers on the surface of the wrap to make it more appealing.


Rustic Wrap

Rustic wraps are cool gift wrapping ideas if the gift is meant to be a Christmas gift. The best part about this particular gift wrapping idea is that it is very easy to create. To create it for your Christmas gift, you first of all need to choose a paper that is solid colored and a gift tag. After that is done, add rustic hair that has evergreen branches and them to the wrap using twine or a decorative cord.


Watercolor Wonderland

The eye is a visual organ that feeds on beautiful colors and pigments. You can take advantage of this and think of unique gifts wrapping ideas that will blow the mind of those you will be sharing gift items with. A good idea is creating a watercolor wonderland.

To get this done, get a butcher paper and watercolor paint from a nearby local craft store. Using a unique abstract design, create a colorful design, and use this paper to wrap the gift.

Have your gift wrapping ideas ready to go? Seal the deal with a practical or personalized gift for your friends or family. No matter how hard they are to shop for, you can select truly unforgettable gifts by using our holiday gift guide.