Gift Ideas for Your Harry Potter-Obsessed Friends

10 Gift Ideas for Your Harry Potter-Obsessed Friends

Magic is a force of attraction, the moment you are enchanted, it becomes a part of you and the urge to always have something new will never leave. So if you have a friend that sees delight in frequently visiting Hogwarts Express, a place for young and enthusiastic witches and wizards, just accept them for who they are and enjoy the moments with them.

Is a Friend of yours also obsessed with Harry Potter and other characters in the fantasy series? Then your gift ideas should always revolve around what he loves. When you do this, you are making him see value in the gifts that you got for him or her.

Thinking of gift ideas for Harry Potter obsessed friend and you don’t know the perfect gift item to buy? Right here, we will be providing you with gift ideas for Harry Potter fans that you will find amazing. These Harry Potter gift ideas are not just random gift items, they are items of great value and an outward expression of love.

Trivial Pursuit: World of Harry Potter Edition

When you have a friend who claims to know-it-all whenever the name Harry Potter is being mentioned, you need to find something challenging for such a person. In that case, Trivial Pursuit: World of Harry Potter Edition is the coolest Harry Potter gift item for such a person. Trivial pursuit is simply a play-on-the-go game that put the knowledge of Harry Potter fans to test. It has a 600 range question spread across different levels which includes: The Dark Arts, HOGWARTS, Magical Spells & Potions, Magical Objects, Magical People and Animals & Magical Creatures. With this in place, even die-hard fans of Harry Potter will be deep in thought trying to figure out the right answer to a question.

Also, Trivial Pursuit: World of Harry Potter Edition also includes a card game that can be used to derive some fun. Being a witchcraft card game, it doesn’t necessarily need to be played by the rule book. Just shuffle the card and ask the other player to prove their Ravenclaw cred.

Hogwarts Letter Pillow Sham

Looking for another way to express your love to a friend that is a fan of Harry Potter and its fantasy stories? A  Hogwarts letter pillow sham might be a cool gift idea for your friend. This small throw pillow is designed with beautiful colors and a plain white background. This makes it suitable for any kind of interior décor.

Not Today, Mugglef–ker Coffee Cup

Ever imagined what you could buy with just $10 and nothing seems to be coming to your mind? We have something of value right here that will fascinate your Harry Potter obsessed friends and make them jump for joy. Not today, Mugglef–ker coffee cup is a special kind of cup that makes you feel magical and spicy while taking a drink from it. These mugs are perfect Harry Potter themed gifts that you can give your friends

Harry Potter Stars Temporary Tattoo

There is nothing more exciting than fulfilling a friend’s long time wish. If your giftee has always wanted a tattoo, why not consider getting your him or her Harry Potter stars temporary tattoo. This tattoo is a wonder for every Harry Potter lover because it is a pack of every super start or magical symbols in the fantasy series. Imagine how amusing it will feel like to have a tattoo of Harry on your hand for a few days.

Marauder’s Map Color-Changing Umbrella

What it comes to Harry Potter gift ideas that are mind-blowing, you can’t afford to miss out on this. Apart from being a symbol of magic, this gift item will save the giftee from all unforeseen circumstances during the rainy season. Marauder’s Map color-changing umbrella is a special kind of umbrella with a magical design. When exposed to water, certain words that are red will show up around the circumference of the umbrella. These words are considered the key to the map. These might not intrigue you as a person, but your giftee will feel good.

Alohomora Keychain

Although this might be completely off your mind when it comes to considering unique Harry Potter gifts, it is a thoughtful gift idea if your friend is obsessed with magic and spells. Alohomora’s keychain is emblazoned with spell powers capable of doing certain things. This $8 gift item will make a perfect gift for your friends that loves Harry Potter.

Funko Advent Calendar

What’s better than having a calendar with a little figurine of  Harry Potter. This Funko Advent calendar does exactly that by designing a calendar that has different themed pocket pop of Harry Potter. This calendar features themes of several witches, ghosts, house-elves, and wizards on its pages. As you countdown to a special event or keep track of dates throughout a year,  your giftee will have the opportunity to see something new about either a villain or a hero in the Fantasy series.

Niffler Piggy Bank

People tend to have the desire to save more when they feel their money is safe. By giving a friend a Niffler piggy bank as a gift, you will not only be helping them save but also giving them a sense of security. A Niffler piggy bank is a Harry Potter character that signifies security. With this character in mind, your giftee will have more desire to save more in a Niffler belly

Buckbeak Rocking Horse

As simple as this gift item is, a Buckbeak rocking horse is another gift idea for Harry Potter fans that your friend who is a fan will also like. Unlike other gift ideas, this rocking $199 horse is quite expensive. Nevertheless, your friends will appreciate this particular gift item.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone 20th Anniversary House Edition

Thinking of getting your friend a gift, this Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 20th anniversary House edition should be at the top of your list of gift items. The Harry Potter fan that you intend to gift this book has a lot to learn from it. The new version of this book is available in different languages, so you won’t miss out.