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16 Wonderful Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Parents

Stewie and Meg have been frantically searching for gift ideas for their parents’ 21st anniversary.

They have scoured every corner of the internet trying to find the perfect gift for their beloved parents. But to no avail!

It’s not just Stewie and Meg. Lots of people face difficulty trying to come up with unique anniversary gift ideas for their parents.

Thus we have put together a list of sixteen wonderful yet personable gift ideas to make your life easier!

Couple’s drinkware

Most parents love to have a drink on lazy weekend evenings or at the end of a long workday. The drinks work as a great medium to spend some time together and talk about work, friends or the latest news.
Your parents are most probably no exception to that.

You know what that means?

Well, they would love a pair of drinkware labelled “KING” and “QUEEN”. Since the moments they spend drinking and talking are special, they deserve this pair of glasses which have been specially designed for couples.

You would love to know that these glasses are dishwasher safe. If you want your parents to cherish the moments they squeeze in among various responsibilities, these gorgeous examples of craftsmanship are just what you need!

Engraved wooden wall Cross

When we look back on our lives, we love to appreciate all our accomplishments. It makes us feel good about ourselves.

Our parents are people too. Which means they would love a reminder about their long, loving marriage.

A cherry-wood wall cross with “60th Wedding Anniversary” engraved it can be a great reminder of a long, loving marriage.

In addition to being a reminder, this beautiful wall-cross can also be a symbol of pride for your parents. An item they would love to talk about and show off to friends and guests.

“Ring for a kiss” desk bell

 Most parents find it difficult to manage time to laugh with each other. They are always so busy making lives of their kids easier.

To make your parents to laugh with each other more, then this “Ring for a kiss” desk bell may just be what you need.

It is purple in color and I am sure the “Ring for a kiss” would make them have quite a laugh! Why not give them the chance to have one on their anniversary?

Metal sundial for golden anniversary

Have your parents been together for fifty years? Is their 50th wedding anniversary coming up?

Then this gorgeous metal sundial with “50 Wonderful Years Together” written using golden letters would make a great gift!

Fifty years of married life is an elegant thing. It is like an elegant sculpture that has gone through a lot and yet stayed intact.

This gorgeous sundial reflect all those criteria perfectly! I bet your parents would love to have it on their living room wall and tell people about your wonderful choice for their anniversary gift!

Cheese board with cutlery set

 Do you remember the last time you and your siblings sat with your parents? The snacks that your mother or father made and the conversations you had with each other? The time you spent? Well those snacks was a great item that brought you guys together.

Cheese board with cutlery set would make a great conversation starter for your family members. Its creative design itself makes people ask about it. For instance its 100% bamboo-made. That makes it environmentally friendly. It also lets your parents have a great time on a Sunday afternoon and appreciate your amazing taste in gifts!

61st anniversary notebook

 Maintaining a daily journal to record thoughts, incidents and special memories is a wonderful thing to do. If your parents are into it and it is their 61st anniversary, then a 61st anniversary notebook would definitely bring a smile in their lovely faces.

On their anniversary, you can ask them about their favorite moments. That is a sure-fire conversation starter. Furthermore, it gives your parents the opportunity to take a tour down memory lane. This is undoubtedly the most sophisticated gift ideas for your parents!

Hand-painted sculpted figure

Gifts that tell a story or have a connotation of family, love bonding are always appreciated.

Your parents are no exception to that.

Thus a hand-crafted and painted figure by artist Susan Lordi would make a great anniversary gift for your parents. It is not a mass-produced item. Thus it would be able to deliver a personal touch and the love you have for your parents effectively.

It is a great item to place on the mantel, shelf or table. Every time your parents would look at it, they would remember not just their wonderful years but you as well! Their special day would just get a lot more special!

Silver plated anniversary photo frame

Who doesn’t like photographs of the days gone! It is great way to escape the present and take a tour along your memory lanes you thought you forgot!

But if it’s your parents’ 50th anniversary, an old photograph of their younger self isn’t enough! It needs to come with an elegant bearer or frame.

This silver-plated 50th anniversary photo frame make the perfect bearer for an old photo of your parents!

Not only would it remind them of how wonderful there were but the exciting journey they have experienced! On a table, shelf or the mantel, this frame would be an everyday-reminder of the golden jubilee of their marriage!

Gold plated double-heart figurine

 Anniversary gifts for your parents don’t always have to be something grand or expensive. They would not value you or your gift for its price or exclusivity. Instead, the message that it delivers is what they would remember.

A gold plated double heart figurine with hanging crystals and “happy anniversary banner” is just one of those gifts!

It implies a loving relationship that is beautiful. On your parents’ special day, that is exactly what you would want to feel wouldn’t you? Two golden hearts united in love and marriage. If that is not what marriage is about, I don’t know what is.

Printed wine and beer glass set

 When your parents’ anniversary is around, you would most likely want to gift them something that they would use often. You would want them to know you appreciate them every day. Remind them how much you love them.

A pair of wine and beer glass set with “mom” and “dad” along with other loving adjectives such as “reliable”, “strong”, “doting”, “lovely” printed on them would help you achieve that easily.

Every other day, when your parents sit down for a drink, they would see those wonderful words. These would remind them about how devoted they have been to you and how much they mean to you. Those pleasant feelings would make great sides to accompany their drinks!

Kissing mugs set

Remember the wine and beer glass with “mom” and “dad” printed on them?

This pair of kissing mugs would fulfill the same purpose for your parents! These would always bring a warm (and mischievous) smile on their faces!

These kissing mugs fit each other perfectly to form a kissing couple. These sweet pair of chip-resistant mugs come with spoons. If you want to gift your parents something that is a reminder of their sweet and strong relationship, then these mugs would be your best friend!

Personalized anniversary board

 What if you want to gift your parents something that is just one of a kind on their anniversary? Something that has been specially made just for them?

If that’s what you have in mind, then do consider a personalized anniversary board. All you would need is to tell the manufacturing company first names of your parents and the number of years they have been married.

They would print your parents’ names, the number of years of marriage along with the number of months, days, hours and minutes they have been together.

It also has beautiful red hearts beautifully placed all over the board. When hung in a place where it’s easily visible, it would be a reminder and inspiration to spend the rest of the life together!

Complementary kitchen apron set

 Do your parents love cooking together? May be they love making dishes following unique recipes they find online.

In either case, a complementary kitchen apron set would just add to their kitchen arsenal. The apron for your dad would have “Mr. Right” printed on it. The one for your mom would have “Mrs. always Right” printed on it (you may have guessed it).

When following complicated recipes, cutting this, frying that, they would have a look at the aprons of each other and smile. Probably crack a joke. Anniversary gift cannot be any better!

Luxury photo frame

 Simplicity. Beauty. Elegance.

Everyone appreciates these qualities. Your parents would be no exception to that.

Thus, a white photo frame with flowery patterns and “50th Anniversary” printed on it would make a great gift for your parents’ 50th anniversary.

I would recommend you put a picture of them that they cherish in the frame. The combination of the frame and picture would tell them that you know and love them as much as they do!

Milestones wedding anniversary gift frame

 Every couple on earth would love a reminder of the time they have spent together. That’s why photo frames make wonderful anniversary gifts.

But this milestone anniversary gift frame takes it one step further. You would provide the manufacturer with the number of years your parents have been together.

They would break it down into months, weeks, days and hours coupled with sweet words like “hug”, “laughter” and “patience”. These loving sentences would then be laser-printed on an elegant, black frame.

This frame, with such wonderful remind of time together, would let your parents know what a beautiful thing they have built over the years.

Matching marble coffee mugs

 When it comes to anniversary gift ideas, a fusion of cuteness and elegance is the perfect blend!

This pair of matching marble coffee mugs reflects those qualities with perfection! The one for your dad would have “50 years of being Mr. Right” on it. The one for your mom would have “50 years of being Mrs. Right”. They come with matching golden spoons that just add to the elegance.

The next time your parents have coffee, they would smile and share a laugh with each other.

I am sure they would love to post a picture of these matching mugs on their social media telling their friends how wonderful you are!

Wrapping up……………..

There is no gift in their world that can equal the love, devotion and time your parents have spent in taking care of you. But there sure are those that can help you express how much you love them. Whatever gift you choose for them, know one thing. Your time is the best gift of all. So I strongly recommend give them a bit of your time as often as possible. Those moments would make the anniversary gift you get them even more special!