60th Birthday Gifts Ideas for Mom and Dad

Every year comes with a special day, which we all love to celebrate and make it memorable. This is no other than the day we took our first breath in this beautiful world. If either of your parents is having their birthday soon, it’s your duty to make this day a special one, and the best way to do that is by getting them mind-blowing gifts.

Getting unique birthday gifts for mom and dad can be quite challenging. For you to make their day special, you have to get them gifts that they can relate with and feel good about. This can either be a gift idea related to their hobby or personality.

Being a senior myself, I know what your mom or dad will like to have on their 60th birthday. This doesn’t have to be expensive. All they need is a gift item that expresses love in a special kind of way.

So right here, I will be sharing unique 60th birthday gifts for mom and dad that they will appreciate. With what will be shared here, you can never go wrong on their big day.

Sentimental DIY Handmade Photo Album

As seniors clocking the age 60, your mom or dad has had a wonderful lifetime, filled with memories that they will like to keep close to their eyes. Having realized this, what more could be better than an object that can help house the memorable pictures they had and keep it close to them in a fancy way? This is why getting a DIY handmade photo album for your mom or dad on their 60th birthday is a good idea.

With this 60th birthday gift ideas for dad, your dad will be able to hang all his beautiful moments in this well-designed object.


  • This DIY handmade album has 9 office card, an inbuilt middlebox, glass beads and ribbon, small stickers, and color pens.
  • It is made up of 5 layers, 6 faces, and 12 pockets which explodes in a dramatic way when you open.
Neck and Shoulder Massage Pillow with Heat-Relaxation

Thinking of perfect 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom, you might want to check this out. This pillow is an absolute way to help her reflex after a long day. Fatigue is a norm for seniors, you can help her relive this with a neck and shoulder massage pillow with heat.

By getting your mom this gift, you are letting her know that you care about her and will do anything just to make her feel comfortable at all times.

Features & details

  • It is designed with 3D rotating massage nodes which helps in giving deep and sensational massage to help relax tight muscles
  • It has versatile dust cloth and it can be used on any part of the body.
Tasty Premium Gourmet Biscotti Cookies Gift Basket

If your mom happens to like cookies, you might want to consider treating her with this tasty premium gourmet biscotti cookies. The taste is a particular cookie is one of a kind and she will feel flattered.

This Gourmet Biscotti cookie is a well-packaged in a gift box which showcases how much you love and appreciate your mom. Don’t hesitate to consider this as one of the 60th birthday gift ideas for Mom. She will love to have it on her big day.


  • This gourmet box of cookies contains 12 delectable biscotti, each with its distinctive flavor.
  • Handcrafted with no single addition of trans-fat, additives, or preservatives and it is packaged in a handcrafted box.
Symbolic Sterling Silver 6 Rings Necklace- 60th Birthday Gifts for Mom

Looking for a gift item to make your mom look beautiful? You definitely won’t want to miss out on this one. This particular silver necklace symbolizes six decades of a fulfilling and beautiful life. When used as a gift item, it will no doubt make your mom feel so special.


  • This necklace is made from 925 Sterling Silver, which means you can be assured of the quality of the necklace.
  • Also, it is strong and durable and will express the love you have for your mum.
Compact Powerful Binoculars with Smartphone Adapter

If your dad is someone that usually intrigued by nature and loves visiting National parks, you can add a new pair of magnifying lenses to his view to help him see the world better on this 60th birthday. These powerful binoculars will make a special gift for your dad.


  • These binoculars have an advanced multi guard FMC coating and earpiece, a 10X high power, and it also works with smartphone devices.
  • It has an ergonomic design, making a perfect gift idea for your dad.
Travel Leather Homemade Scrapbook

This particular gift idea will go well for either your dad or mom, provided they love to travel. Travel Leather Homemade Scrapbook is a unique gift idea that can be used by whosoever you choose to give to. It is a handy book and can be used to pen down whatever he or she sees while on a trip, allowing them to be express their creative imaginations in a book.


  • Made from quality and textured leather and it is also decorated with Metal pendant
  • It has a soft cord that is used to keep the book close and give it a stylish look. It also comprises of 60 pages of sheets.
Beautiful Classy Whiskey Glasses

If your dad still loves his whiskey, you might want to consider getting him this particular gift. This beautiful and classy whiskey glass will make him feel delighted. It has the phrase “Aged To Perfection” designed on it, making it a perfect gift idea for your dad.


  • It has a classy design and it well packaged in a gift box to make the gift look more attractive and appealing
Echo Plus- Practical Smart Home Device Gift with Premium Sound

At age 60, there is a high tendency that your dad or mom doesn’t get amused by mobile devices because of their complex nature. But what if they can do whatever it is they want by just saying a word, won’t that be amazing? With Alexa, they will be able to do more than you can imagine.

From controlling their music with a voice to getting notifications, they will be able to do anything with this home device


  • Voice control your smart home and play you music based on voice commands
  • Alexa can be a good companion

Gifting is all about making a good impression. The gift ideas for moms and dads shared above will make a good impression and show your parent that you care about them. Make your choice and make their birthday a special one.