21st Birthday Gifts For Her

21st Birthday Gifts For Her – Keepsakes For Daughters 21st Birthday

Each day comes as a blessing, but birthdays remind us of the blessings of each of these days. This makes our birthdays a day to be celebrated and cherished.

Is your sister or friend turning 21 years and you are looking for 21st birthday gift ideas for her that will help make her day a great one? People are usually faced with the challenge of making the right choice when it comes to getting a gift idea that will help celebrate this milestone age. But you don’t have to worry about that because we are here to share the best  21st birthday gifts for girls.

At age 21, she is officially crossing into adulthood where she will have a mind of her own and will be able to do whatever pleases her. As a result of this new development, your choice of gift should be helping her through this new phase of life.

Here are some of the gift ideas for 21st birthday that you can consider to make her feel loved and special. No matter what her personality is, you will find a gift that suits her below.

Scratch Off World Map

What better gift could you give a 21 years old girl than a map reminding her of the places she is yet to visit and that the world is hers? This Scratch Off World Map will always rekindle her desires for adventure and wanting to travel around the world. With it, she will be able t9 keep track of the places she is yet to visit and how to plan her next trip.

Scratch Off World Map will make a perfect gift for any girl celebrating her 21st birthday.

Giant Drinking Glass

These particular gift ideas for the 21st birthday will welcome her to adulthood where there are no restrictions on what she can do. Giant Drinking Glass is a 53-ounce drinking glass specially designed to make every BBQ party and sporting event moments to remember. Due to its large carrying capacity big enough to hold about four cans of beer, this is just perfect for home use. You won’t have to run back and forth to the fridge in other to replace your empty cans.

LEGO death star gift

Hold habits never die, if your giftee happens to be a big fan of Star Wars, this particular gift idea is a must-buy for her. You can be certain that these gift ideas for 21st birthday will never go wrong.

LEGO death star gift is about 16 inches in height and width and it contains more than 4000 pieces of different individuals. You can be certain that your giftee will spend days trying to put all these fragments together.

Beer Cap States

If your giftee loves her beer, there is no gift idea better than this particular one. Apart from just helping her to showcase her drinking skills when hanged on the wall, it also helps to decorate the house. The Beer Cap States will no doubt make a good 21st birthday gifts for girls who like to drink.

Mixology Set

If you haven’t had the opportunity to make cocktails by yourself, then you are yet to have a good cocktail. With this Mixology Set, you will be helping your friend, sister, or daughter who is celebrating her 21st birthday make her cocktails while at home.

Mixology is a  stainless steel 10-piece bartender kit which contains the essential tools you need to prepare any cocktail.

Illuminated Letters

There is no better gift than a genuine expression of love. With this Illuminated Letters, you will be able to do just that. These illuminated letters are available in all the alphabets and numbers. You can choose to pick the letters of her names of initials and present them to her as a gift.

This Illuminated Letters which brightens up the day can be used to decorate any part of her home. She will love to have this as a gift for her 21st birthday.

GPS Keyring Tracker

Is your giftee fond of forgetting her keys and other personal belongings? You can choose to present this to her on her 21st birthday. This handy key chain that can be attached to your belongings has a tracker system that can be used to track any missing item that is attached to using a Mobile App.

Bath Bomb Gift Set

Every girl values body care and will do anything to have the best. You can choose to get your giftee a set of 12 USA made bath bombs. This set features different types of colors and fragrances that help to moisturize the skin when used.

Bath Bomb Gift Set is made from naturally occurring materials, so you don’t have to bother about it staining your tub.

Cocktail Book

Everybody loves to have a good cocktail, but not everyone knows how to prepare then. With a Cocktail book, you can choose to introduce your giftee into the world of cocktails and help her learn all she needs to know.

This cocktail book features over 500 world-class recipes and a step-by-step guide on how to replicate the taste of delicious cocktails


If you want to wish your friend, sister, or daughter a happy birthday in style, getting her a hoverboard is most likely the best way to do it.  This 21st birthday gift ideas for her will make her jump for joy when she gets to see it.

All the above Birthday gift ideas are awesome. Anyone will be glad to have one of these Gift ideas as a gift. Make a choice now and make your daughter who is about crossing into adulthood happy.